1. Live near your church.
  2. Live near others who believe as you do.
  3. Have large families. Adopt.
  4. Raise your children together.
  5. Eat meals together as a family and with the larger community.
  6. Pray as a family, pray as a community, learn liturgical prayers.
  7. Read the Bible as a family.
  8. Be at church as often as possible. Volunteer and join groups. If these opportunities don’t exist, start them yourself.
  9. Actually practice a Sunday sabbath – no rec league games, no lake days, no rounds of golf, no shopping – spend the day with you family, your church family, and the Lord.
  10. Know what Christian faith entails and then protect that truth in love.
  11. Resist – and do not attend churches that practice – alternative gospels. Some popular alternative gospels are the prosperity gospel, Moralistic Therapeutic Deism (MTD), or gospels that deny any aspect of the Apostles Creed, such as the bodily resurrection.
  12. Read You Are What You Love. Form your world so it forms you toward Christ.
  13. Resist consumerism – do not continuously buy the latest tech or upgrade to the new model.
  14. Downsize your home.
  15. Live below your means.
  16. Become debt-free.
  17. Limit internet intake.
  18. Stop watching tv. Or, stop watching tv that isn’t educational or edifying.
  19. Get off social media.
  20. Do not buy your children smartphones.
  21. Stop playing video games.
  22. Things to do instead of television, video games, or social media: garden, read or listen to a book, do a jigsaw puzzle, knit, toss a football or Frisbee, take your kids to a playground, learn parlor games, play card games, learn the art of storytelling, go on a picnic, hike, learn to paint or draw, play a musical instrument, etc.
  23. Start a hybrid Christian school or Classical Christian Academy.
  24. Homeschool your kids.
  25. Start a Christian business. Employ Christians.
  26. Shop, eat, and patronize Christian local Christian businesses.
  27. Use Christian healthcare.
  28. Embrace the counter cultural nature of Christianity. Jesus, Paul, and all the NT authors warn that we we will be hated for our beliefs. Accept that role. Accept that we will not have political or cultural authority.
  29. Read about saints and martyrs.
  30. Go on a pilgrimage – Holy Land, Mt. Sinai and St. Catherine’s Monastery, Paul’s missionary routes, Santigo de Compostela, etc.
  31. Go on street processions as a church to pray over and bless your town, your city block, etc.
  32. Read through the Great Books.
  33. Read to you kids and let them read from the Thousand Good Books.
  34. Create your own Rule of Life you can follow – prayer times, fasting days, Bible study, quite times, etc.
  35. Arrange your life around the Christian calendar. Stop arranging your life around a calendar that celebrates commercialized holidays.
  36. De-sexualize your world. No pornography. Turn off images on your internet browser. Put an ad blocker on your computer. Don’t watch porn-lite television.
  37. Throw weekend parties for your community’s families. Bounce house, sprinkler, slip and slide, and grill some food.
  38. Start a Trail Life group for boys.
  39. Start an American Heritage Girls group.
  40. Start a Christian Library.
  41. Careers that are safer from automation or morally compromising situations: electrician, mechanic, plumber, policemen, construction, dentists, heavy machinery technician, electronics technician, veterinarian, landscaping, dry cleaners, occupational therapist, caretaker, pharmacist, auto body shop.